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Welcome New Students!

The University Store was established to provide books and supplies in a convenient, on-campus location for you at competitive prices.

The University Store offers the course materials (new, used, rental and digital) for every BU course. We carry all course-required supplies, art materials, and calculators. In addition to school and office supplies,we stock many items to enhance student life such as posters, greeting cards, and Bloomsburg University clothing and gifts.

Your purchases at the University Store provide a direct benefit to the students of Bloomsburg University. The Community Government Association (CGA) of Bloomsburg University operates the University Store. Funds from the University Store provide student services such as  the operation of Kehr Union, and campus-wide programming through the Program Board. 

The University Store is much more than just a place for textbooks, below is a list of the many services we provide:


The University Store carries supplies for every facet of college life. A large and reasonably priced selection of paper, notebooks, pens and markers and residence hall supplies is available along with other items needed for courses or personal use. We also offer computer software at academic prices for members of the university community.

Gifts and clothing

The University Store provides a wide variety of quality Bloomsburg University gifts and the latest campus apparel. We Offer a large selection of Bloomsburg University insignia pens, pencils, ceramics, glassware, as well as gifts for parents, alumni, and visitors. We have the largest selection anywhere of BU sweatshirts, T-shirts, sweaters, shorts, jackets, and hats. Infants’ and children’s wear are also an important part of our collection.

Convenience Items

Our convenience store area offers a wide variety of health and beauty aids, soda, juice, food, and snacks.

Other Services Offered:

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Course Materials

The University Store offers you every textbook or course material that you may need while you are a student at Bloomsburg University. Textbooks are sold in new or used condition. In some courses textbooks are also rented or may be offered as digital or e-books.

When you visit the Textbook Department in the rear of the bookstore, the shelf tags show your book requirements for each course number exactly as requested by your professors. Shelf tags indicate “Required”, “Recommended” or “Optional” books.
We recommend that you go to class before purchasing the “Optional”, or “Recommended” books. Students can expect to spend approximately $400-$600 on textbooks, and $50-$75 on course materials and school supplies per semester. (These figures are averages and science and nursing majors will generally have higher expenses.)

Used textbooks are available for most courses and will save you approximately 30 percent off of the price of the new textbooks. If you shop early you can avoid the crowds and find a good selection of money-saving used books.

Generally, we recommend purchasing used textbooks for introductory or general courses, and new textbooks for courses in your major or whenever you will want to keep the book for future reference

Most of our textbooks are available to rent instead of buy.  If you wish to rent your textbooks you can bring your books to our self-service rental kiosk near the checkout area and complete your rentals before you proceed to checkout with your purchases.

Payment Options

The university Store accepts cash, personal checks (with proper ID), Husky Gold and credit cards. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.
During a two week window at the beginning of each academic semester/session the University Store accepts excess financial aid as payment for course materials.  Directions to prepare your account for this type of payment are found on the ISIS login page tutorials, and also on our website. 

Husky Gold

Husky Gold – Students/parents may deposit money into their Husky Gold account and use those funds to make purchases at the University Store. The student just needs to present their student ID at checkout and the card will be swiped to pay for their purchase. Deposits will be accepted through Blackboard online—a wonderful and convenient way for parents to deposit some spending money for their student!

Gift Cards

We offer two styles of gift card, a traditional gift card and a Textbooks Only gift card. These gift cards can be purchased in any dollar amount, convenient, easy to purchase and use, and speedy at check-out, these are a hit with BU students .

Bloomsburg University Store


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