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Husky Rewards Information!

How do I earn points?

By shopping one of two ways: 1. When you login to our website to shop your Husky Rewards ID will already by associated with your purchase. 2. When you shop in our bricks and mortar store you will need to have the cashier swipe your ID at checkout in order to get credit for your points. Or if you choose to use a 10-digit telephone number as your account number you will need to have the cashier enter that number at the beginning of your purchase.



How will I redeem my points for rewards?

As you accumulate points, either online or while shopping at our bricks and mortar store, you may want to redeem them for rewards. (There is an 8 day waiting period between when you earn your points and the time you can begin to redeem them.) The more points you have the bigger the rewards you can redeem! You can click on the Husky Rewards tab on our site and if you are logged in you will be able to view the catalog. You can shop through this catalog and add items to your cart. When you checkout you can select to have your items shipped to you or you can pick them up in the store. If you decide to have your items shipped to you regular shipping rates will apply. .



How can I earn bonus points?

We will have different "bonus" shopping times throughout the school year where you will earn extra points for shopping at the University Store. Watch our web site and our store flyers for information on earning bonus points.



Husky Rewards Policy

**The Husky Rewards program is administered by the University Store and can be changed or terminated at any time. Husky Rewards points have no cash value. If your account is inactive for 2+ years, you will receive email notification and it will be retired.



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