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I can not log in to my account. What should I do?

If you can not log in to your account, please try this troubleshooting checklist.

  • Make sure that you are using the email address that you provided during the Husky Rewards account set-up process (for example It is possible that you used an alternate address by mistake. Also our login system is space sensitive, make sure you do not enter any extra spaces before, or between your user login information.
  • The password field is case sensitive, so check if you are using the correct capitalization. If you are unsure about or have forgotten your password, you can retrieve your lost password by clicking Lost Password?
  • If the above tips do not solve your problem, please contact the University Store at (570) 389-4175 or email Click here to email the Webmaster.


I am able to log on but can not see my points?

Once you log in to our website, the database will direct you to the welcome page. From that page you would be able to:

  • Update your Profile
  • Maintain Shipping Address Book
  • Track Orders
  • View Husky Rewards Program Information
  • Campus Market Place
  • Gift Card Balance Inquiry
  • Reload Gift Card
  • View My Buyback Alert List
  • Log out
To view and/or redeem your points, simply click on View Husky Rewards Program Information.




How can I create my account?

  • Click on Log in on the top navigation bar
  • Click on "Husky Rewards Log in" 
  • Click on Register Here, then Create Customer log in
  • Fill out the customer registration form




I signed up with my phone number and I would like to switch my phone
number to my ISO Number. How do I do that?

Unfortunately you do not have permissions to do that on your own. You will need to show up at the store with your student ID, or call us on the phone. A Husky Rewards rep will be gladly to assist you with your request.

Bloomsburg University Store


For any question, comments or suggestions.



(570) 389-4175 | Fax (570) 389-2200